Garden Shed Project

The garden shed was built before the house in order to serve as a secure office and storage area during home construction.
Underground electrical and communications conduit were laid in place for connections when house is built. Shed was
powered by temporary electrical service for home construction.

Tree Clearing


The plan:

Conceptualized image.


Final photo.


Tree Clearing - July 15, 2001

Preparing to cut down cedar trees where shed is to be located.

One cedar tree tied off ready for cutting.

Second tree from south end - preparing to tie off.

Second tree from south end - attaching rope.

Second tree from south end - cutting.

Second tree from south end - after the fall.

Second tree from south end - cutting off branches.

South end tree - cutting the first half.


Framing - August 18, 2001

Concrete foundation, poured on August 5, ready for framing.

Taking stock of materials.

Cutting to size.

Assembling a wall.

Assembling another wall.

Raising the south end wall.

Raising east wall.

Ensuring the walls are plumb and square.

Attaching the top plate to the north wall.
Final touches / sheathing.


Siding - October 20, 2001

Starting siding - sheathed walls have corner posts attached.

Installing siding on front wall.

Completed siding.


Finished Shed

Overview of the finished shed, November 24, 2001.

View of shed showing where electrical conduit surfaces for temporary service, December 15, 2001.

View of north side of shed, December 15, 2001.


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