Second Floor Wall Framing

October 14, 2002: Floor platform above garage complete and wall framing started for lower second floor.

Preparing front wall above garage.    

  Finishing sheathing on wall. Raising front wall.


November 3, 2002: Second floor wall assembly begins and short sections of stairs framed.

View from front of second floor. View from rear of second floor.
Stairs from lower second floor
to upper second floor.
Stairs from mudroom to first floor.  


November 9, 2002: Several second floor walls raised onto position.

View of southeast corner. View from rear of second floor. Master bedroom window on north wall.
View of south wall.    


November 20, 2002: Second floor walls nearing completion.

Internal load-bearing walls. Cleaning up some of the water. Rear wall raised.


November 22, 2002: Second floor wall framing completed.

  Ready to raise last wall section.  

View of spare bedroom from rear bedroom.

View of spare bedroom.

View of master bedroom..


December 7, 2002: Blocking installed where partitions will meet outside walls.

Measuring for blocking. Blocking at partition wall locations.  

  Attaching joist hangers to balcony ledger board.  


March 16, 2003: Widening a wall for plumbing and ducts.

Trimming studs.    
    Just resting.



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