First Floor Wall Framing

September 14, 2002: Framing of the first floor walls begins.

Framing and sheathing wall sections. Wall sections ready for lifting.


September 15, 2002: Some walls raised into place.

Looking through the front door. Lifting a wall into position.
Our newest crew members. Attaching the first cap plate.


September 28, 2002: First floor wall framing continues.
Several walls raised with thanks to our latest crew members...

Much thanks to Rob... ... and Ken and Di.
Dining room corner completed. Rear wall completed.


October 5, 2002: First floor wall framing continues.

Positioning a wall. "HEY! Get back to work!" Bob tries the framing nailer.

Checking the position. Assembling a short beam.


October 6, 2002: First floor wall framing nearly complete: all load-bearing walls in place.

View from north-east corner. View from south-east corner. View from north-west corner.

First I-joist above garage in place. View of front of garage.



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