Ceramic Tile Installation

September 20, 2003: Preparing base for tiles on first floor.

Applying waterproof coating and asphalt paper in kitchen. Powder room.



September 21, 2003: Laying mud base in kitchen.

Installing metal lath. Screeding mud base.


September 22, 2003: More tile base.




September 25, 2003: Preparing more tile base.

Preparing asphalt paper in kitchen. Installing asphalt paper in master bathroom.

Installing asphalt paper in kitchen.


October 5, 2003: Preparing more tile base.

Mud base for tiles in shower installed after liner was installed.



October 15, 2003: Master bathroom floor.

Drilling tile. Views of tiles set.

Cutting tiles with wet saw.


October 17, 2003: Master bathroom floor.



October 18, 2003: Wall tiles.

Baseboard tiles around master bathroom tub.
Main bathroom wall tiles.
Main bathroom. Master bathroom. Main bathroom.


October 20, 2003: Hall closets get mud base.



October 25, 2003: More first floor mud base.

Continuing mud base in kitchen.


November 1, 2003: Main bathroom north wall.

Wall tiles in main bathroom.


November 6, 2003: Grouting some of master bathroom.



November 25, 2003: Last section of mud base.



November 26, 2003: Wall tiles in master bathroom.



December 9, 2003: First floor hallway tiles.




December 20, 2003: Kitchen underway.



December 24, 2003: More kitchen floor tiles.



December 31, 2003: Floor tile setting completed.

Last floor tiles to be set.


January 15, 2004: Installing transition between tiles and laminate floor.



January 20, 2004: Kitchen backsplash nearing completion.



January 21, 2004: Kitchen backsplash completed.




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