August 9, 2003: Stucco contractor just getting started.

Lower styrofoam installed.


August 18, 2003: Stucco contractor setup and installed styrofoam base.



August 19, 2003: Styrofoam base being completed.

Rear view.  


August 22, 2003: First coat applied to rear of house.



August 26, 2003: First coat complete.



August 29, 2003: First colour coat.

Rear view.


August 30, 2003: Contractor applying finish coat on most of second floor.

Working at the front of the house.
Working on the south side of the house.


September 1, 2003: Final work being done.

Working at the front of the house.
Taking down the scaffolding.


September 2, 2003: Scaffold removal.

Some views of the finished stucco.



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