December 23, 2002: stair contractor installs steel frame for main stairs.

Steel frame for stairs being installed.

Steel frame for stairs to basement.

Temporary treads installed on stairs.

Basement stairs hung from first floor.


March 6, 2003: Stairs are well used for mechanical rough-ins.

Sparkle checking out the stairs.


November 3, 2003: Stairs being finished at contractor's shop in Guelph.

Riser and tread. Spindles on drying rack - treads and risers in back. Looking at the spindles.


November 6, 2003: Stair contractor installing.





November 10, 2003: Installation completed.

    Posts installed.



November 11, 2003: Pre-cast concrete steps for porch arrive and get installed.

Moving and stacking step sections.

  Steps all in place. Single step at door.


November 15, 2003: Installing railings on porch.


November 16, 2003: Main portion of railings on porch complete.


January 8, 2004: Changes needed to concrete steps.

New grading for concrete steps.


February 5, 2004: Aluminium railings to replace vinyl.

CPL installing new railings.



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