Raising The Roof

November 25, 2002: crane comes in to lift the roof trusses.

Trusses waiting to be raised. Raising north west trusses. Starting to raise trusses for south west.


December 12, 2002: roof framing crew starts.


December 13, 2002: roof framing continues.


December 15, 2002: some additional wall framing done for roof framing.

Master bathroom load bearing wall extended. Wall profile altered to fit roofline. Additional partition framed in wood.

View of second floor from back. View of trusses over master bath. View from front bedroom.


December 23, 2002: vaulted part of front bedroom ceiling framed.

Front bedroom ceiling vaulted.


February 1, 2003: after a cold and windy January, roof framing continues.

North-west corner framing completed. View from balcony.


February 2, 2003: roof framing continues.

South-east corner framing completed. View from below.


February 8, 2003: roof work is back on again!



February 10, 2003: Roof work continues.



February 13, 2003: roof framing mostly completed.



February 14, 2003: shingling underway.




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