Interior Painting

October 21, 2003: First coat of primer begins.

Rear bedroom. Spare bedroom.

Laundry room. Spare bedroom.


October 22, 2003: First coat of primer continues.

Rear bedroom closet. Second floor hallway.
Second floor hallway. Master bathroom.


October 23, 2003: Completing second floor primer.

Hall at top of stairs.
Above stairs.



October 26, 2003: Extra help for first floor primer.



October 28, 2003: Second coat of primer for some rooms.

Laundry room.


November 1, 2003: Final places to be primed.

Front bedroom closet.


November 8, 2003: Second coat of primer in kitchen.



December 13, 2003: Door trim.


December 20, 2003: Final primer on walls and trim.




December 21, 2003: Trim painted in carpeted rooms.

Spare bedroom gets final wall paint.


December 22, 2003: Closets.

Rear bedroom walk-through closet.
Front bedroom walk-through closet.
Master bedroom walk-in closet.


December 27, 2003: Pantry walls.


December 28, 2003: Front bedroom closets.

Front bedroom small closet.

Walk-through closet. Small closet.


December 30, 2003: Master bedroom.

Master bedroom gets final wall paint.


January 3, 2004: Second floor hallway.

Preparing for paint.
Second floor hallway above stairs.


January 15, 2004: Rear bedroom finishing.


January 17, 2004: Storage room and Sitting room.

Storage room.
Sitting room.


January 18, 2004: Dining room and family room.


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