Footings and Foundation

August 16, 2002: footings formed and poured.

View from northwest (front). View from southwest (front - garage). View from rear.
View from northeast corner (looking south). View of garage rear wall. View from northeast corner (looking west).

    Northwest corner, after stone slung in.
  Southeast corner, after stone slung in.  


August 17, 2002: weeping tile installed, Insulated Concrete Forms assembly and installation started.

View from southeast.   View from south side.
View from southeast. Installing the blocks. The block assembly crew.

Assembling the blocks.   Northwest corner, ready for foundation walls.

The Insulated Concrete Form.



August 18, 2002: insulated Concrete Forms assembly and installation coninues.


August 29, 2002: concrete poured.

Final checks and adjustments. Starting the pour. The pour continues.
    After the pour.
  Anchor bolts set in the concrete.  


September 14, 2002: Extra gravel being distributed around footings.

Spreading gravel over weeping tiles.



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