First Floor Platform

August 31, 2002: framing of the first floor platform began.

Bringing I-joists into place. The very first nail.
The first I-joist nailed in place! Two I-joists in place before dinner.


September 1, 2002: framing continued.

Putting glue in place for subfloor sheet. The first subfloor sheet in place.
Screwing down the subfloor. The first subfloor sheet complete. End of day.


September 2, 2002

Nearly all I-joists in place. Looking over the work.


September 3, 2002: platform framing completed.

First floor platform framing complete.


September 4, 2002: sheathing of the first floor platform continues.

Floor sheating continues.
Damp-proof membrane installed.


September 8, 2002: first floor platform complete.

The first floor structure complete. Finishing up.



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