Facia, Gutters, and Soffit

August 18, 2003: Facia installation begins.

Installing first piece of facia. Measuring a piece. Installing.

Measuring piece at front for cutting. Installing a piece on front gable.


August 25, 2003: Facia installation continues.

Southeast corner.


August 29, 2003: Gutter installation begins.

Front and south side.


August 30, 2003: Gutter assembly and installation continues.

Cutting gutter section. Sections assembled, ready for installation. Rivetting a section joint.
Lifting an assembled section up for installation.


September 1, 2003: Gutter and soffit assembly and installation.

Cuttng soffit. Soffit installation.
Gutter assembly. Gutter installation.


October 17, 2003: Soffit over balcony installed.

Notice balcony light fixtures installed between second and third photos!


October 18, 2003: Additional soffit and vent work.

Kitchen range hood vent installed. Measuring some J-channel for front soffit.


November 20, 2003: Final additions.

Roof overhang soffit installed.


January 24, 2004: Gutter around balcony.

Lifting gutter into place and attaching.



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