Electrical Rough-in

December 11, 2002: Electrical service conductors pulled.


December 13, 2002: Roof framing continues above while some work continues in the basement.

More electrical conduit run.


December 21, 2002: Basement lighting circuit wired and connected to temporary service.
One basement outlet circuit roughed-in.


March 2, 2003: Electrical rough-in progress continues.

Pulling cables to garage sub-panel.


March 8, 2003: Branch circuits at rear of upstairs installed.


April 6, 2003: First floor electrical nearly comleted.


April 26, 2003: Electrical rough-in final stages.

HRV control wiring installed.


May 3, 2003: Making minor changes to pass inspection.

Adding spacer block to secure Romex
cable to steel studs.


June 16, 2003: Garage outlets installed in preparation for service connection.



June 18, 2003: Electrical panels ready for service connection.

Panel "A": main panel in basement.   Panel "B": emergency power panel in mudroom.
Panel "C": garage and outdoor power in garage.   Panel "D": second floor circuits in laundry room.


August 16, 2003: Outlets for refrigerator and mini-fridge installed.

Installing mini-fridge outlet. Testing mini-fridge outlet.


September 6, 2003: Some lights, switches and outlets installed.

Outlet in main bathroom.


September 20, 2003: Some more switches and outlets installed.

Kitchen counter outlet.


October 11, 2003: Post lamps getting hooked up.

Pulling wire through conduit.


October 25, 2003: Installing some outlets.



November 21, 2003: Installing light fixtures.

Main bathroom.   First floor hallway.



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