Ceiling Drywall

August 11, 2003: Most of the drywall is delivered and is moved to places around the house.

Hired workers moving drywall upstairs.  
  End of the day.


August 13, 2003: Second floor ceiling drywall continues.

Getting a piece ready. Measuring and cutting. Second floor hallway.

Front bedroom. Front bedroom closet. View of front bedroom.

View of laundry room and rear bedroom. View of master bedroom closets


August 15, 2003: Second floor ceiling finished - walls above stairs done.

  Lifting a wall piece above stairs.  

View from second floor. Final lifting.

Fastening to wall. First piece on ceiling of garage.


August 16, 2003: Garage and first floor ceilings.

Garage ceiling continues. Dining room ceiling.
Sitting room ceiling. 12' long piece in kitchen.


August 17, 2003: Most of first floor ceiling drywall installed.

Measuring piece for dining room ceiling. Family room ceiling.



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